What Does BD Mean In Texting?

What Does BD Mean In Texting?

If you’re curious about the meaning of BD when it appears in Snapchat, TikTok, or text messages, don’t worry; we’re here to explain the intriguing acronym. Let’s discover what BD means and how to use it in texts. Let’s delve into the meaning of this captivating acronym.

Meaning of BD

BD stands for “Big Deal”. It is used to emphasize the importance of an event, highlight the significance of news, or sarcastically downplay something.

What Does BD Mean In Texting?
What Does BD Mean In Texting?

Other Meanings of BD

BD can also refer to the following:

  1. Breaking Dawn
  2. Brain Damage
  3. Broken Dreams

Examples of BD in Texting

Example 1:

Oscar: Did you hear? Nina got promoted to CEO!

Paige: Wow! That’s a BD!

Example 2:

Quinn: The concert tickets sold out in just 5 minutes.

Riley: It’s a BD, everyone has been waiting for it.

Example 3:

Stella: The game’s finals are this weekend. It’s such a BD in the sports world.

Tristan: Can’t wait to watch!

Example 4:

Ulysses: The artist is revealing his new collection tomorrow.

Vera: That’s a BD in the art community!

Example 5:

Walter: My startup just got its first major investor.

Xara: Congrats! That’s a BD for sure!


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