Renault engine refining prices

Renault vehicles are among the top three in terms of engine overhaul in our country. We love these vehicles because of their relatively cheap spare parts and labor, and the abundance of service. No matter how much Renault vehicles are repaired after a certain time, they do not keep the order. In this case, a major renewal is required in the engine.

renault motor rektefiye

Engine overhaul is the repair of the damage caused by years in the engine of the Renault vehicle and the replacement of the devastated engine parts.

For some, it is a last chance, for some, it is a requirement of age, for some, it is a performance that makes a difference, the engine overhaul process is something that will eventually happen to many Renault vehicles.

In countries with high per capita income, the engine overhaul process, which is not preferred much, is a way for our people, who are struggling with high exchange rates, high taxes and low wages, to still be able to get in the car.

So how do we know that our vehicle wants overhaul? The process that leads Renault vehicles to engine overhaul begins when a different sound than always starts to come from the vehicle.

Most people, when they realize that the sounds they initially tried to ignore do not stop, hit the road of the master and ask if the matter can be resolved cheaply.

After a few unsuccessful part changes with the “if it happens” method, the “either I will have it done, or I will sell it” process is entered.

Meanings of the sounds heard in Renault vehicles Clicking

It’s not like a door click, but an annoying sound comes. When the car is idling or a while after starting the car, a click sound comes from the engine. Understand that there is wear in the engine and the click sound is coming as a result of the parts hitting each other.

If you are lucky, the problem is only the decrease in engine oil. Check if the oil lamp on the instrument panel is on. If it is on, it will be possible for you to get rid of the problem by adding engine oil.

Sometimes the fault signs do not give you a clue, but there is a sound coming from the engine. When the wear and decrease in function in the engine parts increase, the sounds continue despite the change of engine oil or transmission oil. In this case, you can start thinking about the engine overhaul process in your Renault vehicle.


If a hissing sound is coming from under your body while your vehicle is idling, your Renault vehicle’s engine may be overheating. If so, this could indicate a serious problem.

There may be a fault such as coolant leakage or cylinder head gasket burning. If you have been experiencing such problems for a long time, your engine may be nearing the end of its life. With the engine overhaul process, you can add a little more life to the life of your Renault vehicle.

Slap sound

If the sounds similar to slap increase as the vehicle accelerates, the problem may be related to the tires


If a squeaking sound comes when changing gears, it indicates a problem related to the gearbox or gearbox.

Cik cik sound

If cik cik sounds like a bird has entered the engine while the vehicle is running, the cause of the problem may be related to the axle or wheel bearing being broken.

High-pitched squeak

The high-pitched squeak sound is related to the V belt.


Rattles coming from under the hood can be based on different reasons. Possible faults;

Looseness in the exhaust system, catalytic converter failure, fan failure can be.

If your Renault vehicle is smoking, burning oil, this is also a sign that the engine life is decreasing and the most permanent solution to this problem is engine overhaul.

Renault engine overhaul prices Overhaul prices in Renault vehicles range from 1000 to 3000 $.

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