How to do a hard reset on XIAOMI Mi Band 2?

Hard Reset XIAOMI Mi Band 2

How to factory reset XIAOMI Mi Band 2? How to wipe all data in XIAOMI Mi Band 2? How to bypass screen lock in XIAOMI Mi Band 2? How to restore defaults in XIAOMI Mi Band 2?

The following tutorial shows all methods of master reset XIAOMI Mi Band 2. Check out how to accomplish Hard Reset by hardware keys and Android settings. As a result your XIAOMI Mi Band 2 will be as new and your cores will run faster.

How to hard reset XIAOMI Mi Band 2

  1. First, for this method to work your band needs to be paired to Mi account and you need Android device with Mi fit app installed. Permanently delete data from XIAOMI Mi Band 2
  2. Open Mi Fit app on your Android device sing in to account that’s not paired with your band or create a new one.
  3. Once you’re logged in, tap on the “No paired devices” Hard Reset XIAOMI Mi Band 2
  4. Then tap on the “Band” option. HardReset XIAOMI Mi Band 2
  5. Remember to keep your band near your device while it tries to pair them. Factory Reset XIAOMI Mi Band 2
  6. When prompted tap the Restore Factory settings. Master Reset XIAOMI Mi Band 2
  7. Afterward, tap on your band when you feel the vibration. Wipe data on XIAOMI Mi Band 2
  8. Type in the pin from your band and press ok button to reset your band. Format XIAOMI Mi Band 2
  9. Next, tap the “Got it” to finish up. Restore XIAOMI Mi Band 2

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