How to repair granular loss on roof

Granular loss on a roof occurs when the granules on the shingles start to wear away or fall off, exposing the asphalt. Here are the steps to repair granular loss on a roof: Inspect the roof: Start by thoroughly inspecting the extent of the granular loss. Check for any underlying damage or cracks in the … Read more

Costa mesa garage door repair

If you’re looking for garage door repair services in Costa Mesa, there are several options available. Here are a few local businesses that might be able to help: Cityscape Garage Doors is a full-service residential garage door company that installs, repairs, and services most types of garage doors and openers. They are located at 2949 Randolph Ave … Read more

Precision garage door repair prices

The cost of precision garage door repair can vary depending on several factors, such as the type of repair needed, the materials required, the location of the property, and the specific pricing policies of the garage door repair company. On average, precision garage door repair prices can range from $100 to $500 or more. It … Read more