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What does biography mean?
It is a word of French origin and has the meaning of curriculum vitae.

Biography; Prose texts that describe the lives, works and achievements of people who have gained fame in the fields of literature, art, sports, trade, politics, etc., in an objective and plain language, are called.

The writings in which the person tells his own life are called autobiography, and the works that tell the life story of poets in Divan literature are called tezkire.

What are the Features of Biography:

1 – It is not written by the person whose life is written, but by people who do research about him, reach information and documents or have witnessed his life closely.
2 – The birth information, environment, education, personality, friendship relations, social life, marriage and the process of achieving success in the professional field of the person whose biography is written should be the subject of national and international achievements.
3 – Be impartial and realistic. One’s life should be presented impartially, without glorification or humiliation.
4 – Knowledge; The document should be based on witnesses and evidence. False information should not be included.
5 – Chronological order and Career order can be followed.
6 – Introduces the person in all aspects. The importance, value and difference of the person should be determined.
7 – A subjective attitude should not be followed, one’s life should be kept away from excessive criticism and praise.
8- A clear and simple language is used.

How to write a biography?
A biography either illuminates the person’s life with all its aspects and details, or it is written as a summary.

To write a biography, we need to collect solid information, documents, various documents about the person we are dealing with. We can benefit from memories, interviews, letters, articles from newspapers and magazines, and books about that person.

When writing a biography, we should follow this plan:
Place of birth, date, Occupation, family, childhood, place of residence, school and education period, business life, personality, tendencies, abilities, relations with the environment, services, works, influence, spouse and children. After researching all these and collecting the necessary information, we can write our biography with an impartial understanding and a clear, simple and fluent language without distorting the facts.

1. Place and date of birth
a) Brief information about his family.
b) Which child of the family he was born as.
c) His siblings.
2. Expectations and dreams of the family about their children.

1. Childhood
a) Preschool (interests, games, toys, fears, joys, etc.)
b) Primary school life (Enrollment, first day at school, successes, failures, livelihood with friends, etc.)
c) The future thoughts of his family and himself.
2. Education period after primary school.
3. Extracurricular activities, pleasures.
4. Personality, relations with the environment, tendencies, abilities, etc.
5. Professional career development.
6. His professional achievements in his work.
7. His marriage and children.

1. Their contribution to humanity and the world.
2. His works.